South Tyrol represented in three humorous infographics - as poster, object and interactive installation.


Every year between the last weekend of September and early December there is an old custom in hikers' paradise South Tyrol, the famous Törggelen. That means people walk from one mountain guesthouse, the so-called Buschenschank, to another and feast the typical local food and drinks that are very rich in calories.

This centuries-old tradition was the background of this semester project South Tyrol represented in infographics. The basic idea was to combine calorie consumption, hiking trails and the marvelous South Tyrolean cuisine.

Three different ways of design show how far a visitor of a Buschenschank has to go along the well-known 60 km long Keschtnweg hiking trail to lose the calories of a typical Törggelen meal - on average 2900 large calories! Starting point of the first product - a printed poster size 60 x 84 cm - is the Buschenschank of the Year 2012 the Oberpartegger Hof in Villanders.

The second part - a hiking shoe with a CNC milled topographical shoe sole - presents how far a person with 50, 60, 70... kilograms body weight has to hike on the Keschtnweg starting in Bolzano to burn the calories off.

This 3D-Map on a scale of 1 : 250.000 that is showing exactly the landscape of South Tyrol was also necessary for the third project: an interactive and entertaining installation for visitors at a Buschenschank, based on processing. After selecting the current position a beamer projects some interesting information about distance, location, food etc. on the topographic model.

The project took place in cooperation with the South Tyrol Marketing Association (SMG) and the Federal Statistical Office South Tyrol (ASTAT).


map pic by H.Kammerer
food-pics o.links, o.rechts, u.links, u.rechts