A restructuring and new design concept of the old souvenir shop and tourist information center of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wartburg bei Eisenach.


Martin Luther and his role in the Protestant Reformation is regarded as one of the most important characters in German - or probably world - history. In honor to him the most of his former domains all over Germany are going to celebrate the Lutherjahr 2017, with hundreds of special events during this year. Due to Luther’s residence and his eminent Bible translation at the Wartburg Castle the Freistaat Thüringen and the Wartburg Foundation planned to renovate and redesign several premises of this UNSECO World Heritage Site. 

For this reason the joint project Altes Erbe, junge Ideen of students of the Bauhaus University Weimar and Wartburg administration started to develop a new tourist information office and a modern souvenir shop called Wartburgladen.

In this model the two departments change spaces and get restructured. The room concept will be adapted to current technical and creative requirements. The specially designed and customized furniture is dominated by the material oak wood and corroded steel. Above all it provides plenty of storage space - that is long overdue - and forms a bridge into the future.

The final drafts were visualized and presented in different models - from a 1:1 furniture model to an architectural model to a virtual video-tour. 

Altes Erbe, junge Ideen was a group project with Alina Mück, Hans Jakob Gohr and Maria Sengle. 

Wartburg photo