Workabilly is a multifunctional storage and working station for people working in the wide-ranging field of creative business.


Primarily this project focused on first-semester students in creative studies such as art and design. The idea was simple: while making their own useful and practical „companion“ the freshmen assimilate important skills in different workshops especially in the wood, metal and electric workshop. So Workabilly was designed specially to be affordable for young people, easy to make and to provide a useful and flexible gadget in the daily life of a practically oriented study. 

The basic structure is wood and can be exactly cut out of one standard multiplex wood plate 2500x1250x16mm - without any cutting waste! For a most individually design all further components from the type of cable up to the size of wheels can be customized individually. A manual - available as youtube-tutorial or classic print version - gives important guidelines and the freedom of personal interpretation at the same time.

The robust „container“ contains three detachable boxes, is rolling and therefore easy to move. Furthermore it has an electrical connection and a lockable storage box and fits under any desk.

The project was instructed by Prof. Gerrit Babtist, the designers Laura Strasser and Daniel Klapsing and the founders of PULPO products Ursula und Patrick L'hoste. Workabilly was presented in the group exhibition pulpo meets bauhaus at the Ambiente design fair 2012 in Frankfurt am Main and the summaery 2011 in Weimar.