A wooden spatial sculpture constructed for the 4.Bayerische Architekturwoche 2008 in Schweinfurt.


A4 was a spatial sculpture made up of hundreds of wood bricks in the size of 80x10x10 cm. These bricks formed two converging walls up to a height of 4 meters. Erected next to the town hall of Schweinfurt on one hand the sculpture reflected the link between government and citizens. On the other hand it dealt with different architectural elements characterizing this special place in the city. Unfurling and closing, hiding and showing, noise and silence.

The sculpture was developed by a group of young students while the 4. Bayerische Architekturwoche at the inner courtyard of the town hall in Schweinfurt. The project was supported by Architekturbüro Jäcklein, the municipality and supported by Holz Kraus GmbH.