A multifunctional bamboo toy for children from age of 2.


Klett-X is a game for boys and girls based on the renewable resource bamboo. By dint of the popular and proven hook-and-pile fastener this toy offers an endless range of possibilities to play. From educational purposes like learning colors, numbers, the ABC to 3-D-puzzles up to active games - there are no limits to a childs’ creativity. A really special aspect: with variable add-ons Klett-X is perfect for role plays and can be sold as theme kits such as nurse or space fighter.

All parts are produced in series using the natural shape of bamboo tubes and panels hence ensuring an easy and cost-efficient manufacturing. Therefore Klett-X won the first prize in the Hape-Bamboo-Toy-Contest 2011in the category Producibility.

This game was developed during a two-week workshop organized and supported by the Bauhaus University Weimar, the China Academy of Art Hangzhou and the world’s leading manufacturer of wooden toys Hape Toys International.