Die natur des menschen - human.nature

A conceptual design of a fictitious exhibition under the direction of Heiko Bartels.


Deliberately chosen, this ambiguous title focuses on topics that are relevant to society and highly up-to-date for years: How did mankind form and design its own environment in the past? What are the current trends? And what will radically change in the near future?

The Next Nature Book, one of the main theoretical bases of this exhibition compromises it with the following words: We dream about escaping to- and debate saving nature, but rarely do we ask what ‘nature’ actually is. Where technology and nature are traditionally seen as opposed, they now appear to merge or even trade places. With our urge to design our environment, we cause the rising of a next nature that is unpredictable as ever; it seems that nature changes along with us.

So the exhibition was subdivided in five main fields: Körperkult (body culture), Künstliche Wesen (artificial creatures), Mensch-Tier-Pflanze (human-animal-plant), Das grüne Idyll (the green idyll) and Künstliche Welten (artificial worlds).

A model on a scale of 1:10 and various animations enabled a rough tour through this exhibition. The graphical concept including flyers and posters formed the completion of this idea.

This team project was supervised by Prof. Heiko Bartels, Dipl. Des. Welf Oertel and Dr. Esther Cleven (Klassik Stiftung Weimar).

catalogue as PDF file (german)