Happiness to-go

Happiness to-go is a number of interactive exhibits that have been designed to make the time you spend waiting at the platform more enjoyable.



Freezing while waiting for the train? This situation is a thing of the past now! 
I designed a hand-warming-machine that addresses this real problem of many (german) rail users. After turning a crank for 30 seconds, the machine switches on and rewards the user with warm hands. Regardless of whether you are waiting at Berlin “Hauptbahnhof” or some village train station – the hand-warming-machine turns this uncomfortable situation into a pleasant one.


My train is delayed. Again. Where is it?
Connected to the DB-App DB Zugradar the Trainradar is an interactive touchscreen-exhibit that constantly provides information about the current position of your train, the place of departure and arrival, the updated time of delay and much more.


Buying a ticket today is like gambling. The prices are too expensive and vary considerably, the user-interface is often incomprehensible.
The rail operators say sorry and and pay the rail riders back: Pair up with your fellow sufferers and with a bit of luck you can win a free ride! And at the end it's not only the winner who has the profit...


The project was my bachelor thesis and part of the Product Design Graduates 2015 Exhibition Can you spell Bauhaus? at Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan.

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